Kids Classes


Kids classes are available for children ages 5 and up. At Vortex Taekwondo we follow the LTAD format for all our stages of learning. The LTAD is Long Term Athlete Development which is set out by the NCCP or National Coach Certification Program. During the early stages of your child’s experience in Taekwondo we will be focusing one fundamental development which will include balance, coordination, gross motor skills, focus, effort, and basic movement through Martial Arts.

Our Classes consist of two one hour classes per week. Once a week your child will learn fundamentals, basic movement such as kicking and blocking, Patterns and self-defense. The other day a week your child will learn about the Olympic sport of Taekwondo through stepping drills, foot work, and basic sparring.

These classes are great for children of all sizes. We strongly reinforce courtesy and respect through our disciplined yet fun classes.



Adult Classes

Our adults classes fits into the active for life model of the LTAD. This class focuses more on fitness and the art side of Taekwondo through high intensity kicking, self defence and patterns which makes this class great for teenagers and adults of all ages. 

Though a step by step process participants learn not only the fundamentals of the martial art but gain confidence, added strength and agility, increased flexibility and overall coordination and conditioning. This highly motivated class can really get you going and have a great workout with great people in a fun environment.



Kik Fit


This new and exciting class is just for women. This high energy class is based on some traditional methods of Taekwondo combined with high intensity training drills and concepts from cardio kickboxing. This class also falls into the active for life faze of the LTAD and is great for getting fit, losing weight and building some strength and cardio. The classes are fun social and inclusive. Best part is your first class is free. 



Weapons Classes


Our weapons class follows Muye 24 Ban or 24 Methods of the Korean Military. Based on the martial arts of the 16-18th century of Korea,  Muye 24 Ban teaches multiple sword forms, flag spear, pole axe, bo staff, sword and shield and Korean traditional archery. This is not just your run of the mill class of weapons patterns. Muye 24 Ban teaches basic sword skills, patterns, practical applications, partner practices and even live weapon cutting. This traditional class is fantastic for those that wish to practice a low impact martial art that focuses more on traditional technical aspects.



High Performance Training

Vortex Taekwondo’s High Performance Program is mainly focused on the train to train and the train to compete phases of the of the LTAD. This program runs five days a week with up to two hours per night. With technical, tactical, physical and mental components built into the yearly training plan our athletes have become the strongest team in the Provence. With a combined 15 national championship titles, over 30 National silver and bronze medals, and multiple international medals including a Pan-American bronze medal, Vortex Taekwondo Elite Team can provide a  pathway for those that strive to become a champion.